Welcome to Visionary Empowerment Programme (VEP)

16th August 2018

Stadview apartments, 1st floor

Next to December hotel Thika Town

+254 700 335 184

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

VEP-Sacco has demonstrated a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
over the years.The core elements of VEP-Sacco in its social responsibility includes;
(1) Community Based CSR with a full-blown Charity Committee and set out Helping Hand Programmes
(2) Environment Based CSR where VEP-Sacco is committed to protect the environment
and natural resources we use and reducing environmental pollution.
The co-operative society emphasis on environmental sustainability through preserving natural resources
such as water, energy, and focusing on packaging and solid waste
(3) Workplace Based CSR where the company has committed itsef to workplace based CSR